Chapter I

It all started in July 25, 2012.  My eyes were finally open and my body was ready to go. There I was, Isabel, all alone ready for what I knew it was the beginning of something new. There was only a few weeks left till my first year of high school. Sometimes people don’t realize that their life could change. My sister Mary, my best friend Erica, and I headed to Erica’s house to have a girls night. Erica’s brother, Richard, brought over his best friend, Jacob, to fuck around with him and try to get him cheered up since he had just broken up with his girlfriend of 6 months, Elizabeth. They were both about to be seniors in high school. As soon as Jacob walked to through the door, my eyes turned to see him. He was tall, strong, strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and that “Don’t Fuck With Me” attitude. Jacob sat right next to me. My heart pounded. He said hey to me with a smile. I didn’t know what to do. I stopped breathing and that moment I knew I was panicking. He just smiled and I blushed. 

Later that night, he brought over a blanket and sat by me. I was so nervous on what could happen. A few minutes later, he reached over and grabbed my hand. I thought I was dreaming for a second. I knew then that he knew i had a crush on him. He asked for my number. I couldn’t believe that a senior in high school was interested in me. He offered a ride home but I had to go home with my sister, of course. Mary didn’t really like Jacob for his sleeping around with a lot of girls reputation. Mary and I went home after an unforgettable night.